Bingo – the new fountain of youth?

June 16, 2010 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

I live a little too close to the Bingo palace. As much as I love Bingo, this can be a very scary place!

Let me set the scene. Outside, in the parking lot, the old “girl scout” sense of helping out overwhelms you. Little old ladies struggle towards the entrance any way they can…with walkers, wheel chairs, canes. Handicap permits adorn car windshields. But inside, oh inside it’s a whole different ballgame (if you will).

The cute old ladies completely morph once they step foot into the magical Bingo Palace world! Look around you and you see them…one woman to a table armed with more daubers than she has appendages! The speed and agility these women display as the fervently mark their million game cards sprawled around them like a cheap paper desert bedazzles the eye! And the nice old lady in the purple cardigan who was so grateful and humble for your escort into the building  jumps to action as if in the presence of a faith healer! God bless the poor sap who calls a false Bingo as millions of bifocaled eyes glare in unison at the Bingo novice who cannot keep up with the caller!

Blood thinners, fountains of youth, arthritic pills…I am convinced grandma needs none of these! Take her to Bingo!

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  1. spilledinkguy said,

    I struggle with Bingo. Probably because I’m not very good with ‘the numbers’. Or ‘the letters’. Which … are pretty much your only options. 🙂

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