Trailer Park Living: “Pink Flamingo Paradise” or “For the Birds”?

June 15, 2010 at 11:59 pm (Uncategorized)

So I live in a trailer. The really fun thing about living in one is being able to make fun of it without sounding like a massive jerk. Those of you who have never lived in a trailer are probably wondering why anyone in their right mind would ever choose this lifestyle and those of you who HAVE either wonder the same thing, or wonder “why not?” Following is a short list of pros and cons to a mobile home existence for the trailer novice.

Pro: Being “mobile.”  Trouble with the neighbors? Trouble paying the lot rent? Sick of the climate? Neighborhood going down the tubes? Pack it up and move it out.

Con: Being “mobile.”  I find that during massive windstorms, or during a tornado, a foundation is always preferable to “skirting.” This is not the way to be evicted. More preferable method above…pack it up and move it out.

Pro: A sense of “community within a community.”  Once you are a resident in the trailer park, unless you’ve really p-o’ed the neighbors, there seems to be a sense of comaradarie. “Can’t believe what they’re charging for lot rent!” “Can you believe they made me move my boat?” Everyone can relate to everyone else. We aren’t high maintenance here!

Con: A sense of “community within a community.”  Just like anywhere else, there’s always some wierdos living next door. In a trailer park, though, next door is a much shorter proximity! For instance…there was one evening last fall when I saw my neighbor standing outside of his trailer shaving his armpits with an electric razor. And no…I will NOT let you borrow my lawnmower.

Pro: Pretty cheap rent. This is pretty self explanatory.

Con: Pretty cheap rent. You’re still, however, paying rent. There’s no such thing as free parking! And it isn’t cheap to rent the 2 ft. square space of lawn that must be perfectly maintained to community standards at all times…or else!

That is a short list. There are obviously other annoyances, like finding anyone who will come to a trailer park to do any maintanence (the last guy I had come out to fix my water heater explained that – nothing personal to me – people in trailers don’t pay bills. Right.) There’s the obvious social stigmas. There are many cats running around outdoors (good for mouse control, bad to crawl up under skirting!) There are speed bumps. And MANY children to populate the streets and sidewalks.

But at the end of the day, I own a temporary piece of something…my own little sanctuary in the middle of the maelstrom. And I will rock those pick lawn flamingos…all day long!


  1. spilledinkguy said,

    Lawn flamingo’s are scweeeet. I’d try put a few up if the asphalt outside our building wasn’t quite so … cured. 🙂

  2. spilledinkguy said,

    Oh … I like your new theme by the way! Your blog is looking very nice! 🙂

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