Angry Kitty.

June 15, 2010 at 1:29 am (Uncategorized)

So as my introductory post to my shiny new blog, I thought I would explain (?) my “Gravatar Widget” image – as it says a lot about me and how this thing is probably going to proceed. This picture is of my angry kitty Zoe, was taken back in her svelte body image days (she’s a 20 pounder now). She just got out of the tub (don’t ask why I bathed my cat!) and her facial expression pretty much leaves accurate foreshadowing as to what happened next. I still have the scars.

I tend to be a little on the cynical side. I’m not sure exactly how or why this happened, but it has. I don’t adjust well to change, so it’s just the way things continue to be. I tend to think of myself as a pessimistic realist, extroverted introvert and several other contradictions. I am extremely sarcastic. I tend to complain a little. I’m not exactly politically correct and I don’t exactly mince words. And you can read by my expressions (and hopefully by my writing!) exactly what’s on my mind. If you understand what I mean by that, or how I am just by looking at that picture of my cat, welcome to my blog! If not, you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed. Other possible potential readers might include…

Anyone who owns the entire “Daria” show on DVD,

Anyone who starts most of their conversations with “First of all…”

Anyone who isn’t in the “popular group” and doesn’t cry themselves to sleep over it,

Anyone who loves over-using analogies,

Anyone who’s been accused of being a little too sarcastic,

Any 20-something female who finds they think more like an 80-something male more times than they would like to admit.

I hope if you stumble across my stuff you’ll check it out…and maybe enjoy some of it. I’d hate to cry myself to sleep at night otherwise!


  1. SpilledInkGuy said,

    Why this blog smells like a wet cat! 🙂

  2. thehorsewerodeinon said,

    I’ve seen this look in Dharma’s eyes… oooh it gives me chills! It’s that look- then I lose a finger.

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